Hey everybody, We don’t know how popular this will be so if you want this new service to stay then connect to it and join our #lobby

What I am referring to is we now have an IRC Network, You can connect, register and chat with me or other users who support StageHD

Server: irc.stagehd.com 6667 or click here
Channel: #lobby

Or SSL: irc.stagehd.com port 6697 should work.

Or for the non-IRC type:

In other news:
We’ve released a tiny preview now of what channels will be like.
Current features:

  • Channel Listing
  • Channel Videos
  • Channel Audience
  • Channel Logo setting
  • Channel About

We should be adding these throughout the week:

  • Channel Viewing pages
  • Channel Categories
  • Channel Backgrounds(Working instead of just being able to set it)
  • “Now Watching”

“Now Watching” is for the user side of things, you hit Join Audience, then go to “Now watching”
It will show the latest videos from all channels you’ve joined.

Check out our news page.